Walt Disco: ‘Young Hard and Handsome’ EP
Walt Disco: ‘Young Hard and Handsome’ EP

Walt Disco: ‘Young Hard and Handsome’ EP

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  • Worldwide exclusive physical release
  • 8-Track EP on tuquoise vinyl
  • Comes signed by the band
  • Hand-numbered on first-come-first-served basis

Walt Disco unveil their debut EP "Young Hard and Handsome”, featuring four tracks including singles “Cut Your Hair” and “Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us), exclusively available from Blood Records.  

Blending a cacophony of sounds ranging from new-wave and glam rock to queer modern art-pop, the Glasgow-based sextet’s youthful songs are as much dancefloor fillers as they are anthemic earworms.

With a penchant for memorable songs which resonate across generations, vocalist and band leader James Power writes earnest lyrics about self-exploration and love in the digital age.

Working with idiosyncratic producer Thomas McNeice of Gang of Four, Walt Disco have realised their vision of creating a new set of anthems for a new generation of misfits. Lead single “Cut Your Hair” is a tongue-in-cheek, young queer anthem, described succinctly by the band as if "OK Boomer - The Musical" was a 2 and a half minute pop song. 

The release comes exclusively on turquoise vinyl via Blood Records and also features four remixes from Wuh Oh, BOBBIE, Jessica Winter and John Baillie Jnr, with the group ever keen to broadcast to the world the wealth of queer and womxn artists across the country. 

Please note: Blood Records is a pre-ordering platform and this record has an estimated release date of 16/09/2020. All images for illustrative purposes, final product may differ.

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Side A
  1. Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us)
  2. Cut Your Hair
  3. I’m What You Want
  4. Heather 
Side B
  1. Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us) - BOBBIE Remix
  2. Cut Your Hair - Wuh Oh Remix
  3. I’m What You Want - John Baillie Jnr Remix
  4. Heather - Jessica Winter Remix