This Feeling: Big In 2021

This Feeling: Big In 2021

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Unable to stage their usual ’ Big In 2021’ shows, London promoters This Feeling are bringing their selection of emerging artists to this exclusive Blood Records ‘live’ double LP compilation, in association with Scotts and Pirate Studios

The 31 featured tracks were all recorded live at Pirate Studios, and come on double yellow LP’s hand-numbered on a first-come-first-served basis with profits to Music Venue Trust’s ’Save Our Venues’ campaign, which is working to keep grassroots venues afloat during the pandemic. 

"There's a golden age of guitar-music around the corner and we've got loads planned with scotts to keep the zone fires burning until our glorious venues re-open." says Mikey Johns, founder of This Feeling.

This Feeling’s annual list of emerging artists to keep an eye on has become a go-to for the next generation of British indie bands and this release is limited to 500 copies.

Please note that Blood Records is a pre-ordering platform, the expected release date of this record is 04/06/21. All images for illustrative purposes, final product may differ.

Campaign Update: Campaign complete and all records shipped.



LP1 side A

Garden Party - In The Middle

Michael Gallagher - Lula

Thom Southern - Soul Singer

Spangled - Headspace

Gallus - What Do I Know

Crawlers - Hush

Bull - Sid The Human

George Hennessey - Jekyll & Hyde

LP1 side B

Jamie Pollock - Won't Slow Me Down

The Katuns - Friend Like You

Hayley Mary - Would You Throw A Diamond?

Wharves - Everything I'm Waiting On

The Royston Club - Mariana

The Skinner Brothers - Low

The Sway - Sunshine Seeker

LP2 side A

Louis Croft - Life Goes On

The Chase - I Just Can't Believe That We Share The Same Name

Headshrinkers - 6:41 Sapien

Clwb Fuzz - Celebrate

Crystal Tides - Last Time

The Native - Frontline

Stanleys - Little Does She Know

Venus Grrrls - Goth Girl

LP2 side B

The Roly Mo - I'll Be Happy When You Die

Lucy Gaffney - Big Love

Dead Pony - 23, Never Me

Flechettes - Man Of The Hour

The Kairos - Price On Peace

Talkboy - Sky Is Falling

Fitzroy Holt - How Long

Cobain Jones - She Plays