Nell Mescal

Can I Miss It For A Minute
Release Date: 3rd May 2024
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Nell Mescal comes to Blood Records for her first ever vinyl release, an exclusive 12" vinyl featuring her debut EP 'Can I Miss It For A Minute?' backed on the B side with a collection of her singles from 2022 to now, pressed on white-orange swirl, limited to 350 copies and hand-numbered to order.

Nell explains that the EP and songs are "about growing up, moving away, friendship breakups and trying to navigate between current emotions and negative memories. Each song tells a part of the same story with a beginning, middle and an end. Some songs written in the moment and some written in retrospect. It talks about my life and how I deal with experiences that have shaped me. Most importantly I think it’s about moving on from things that used to have a hold on me."


Side A

Can I Miss It For A Minute?

1. Warm Body

2. Yellow Dresser

3. Killing Time

4. Electric Picnic

5. July

Side B

The Singles

1. Graduating

2. Homesick

3. In My Head

4. Punchline

5. Teeth







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