The Magic Gang: ‘Death Of The Party (Bonus Edition)’
The Magic Gang: ‘Death Of The Party (Bonus Edition)’

The Magic Gang: ‘Death Of The Party (Bonus Edition)’

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  • Worldwide exclusive variant deluxe edition
  • Zoetrope design by Drew Tetz
  • Animated artwork by Laura Jayne Hodkin
  • Includes three bonus tracks

Ahead of the release of their second album on August 21st The Magic Gang announce ‘Death Of The Party (Bonus Edition)’ features three additional tracks that were also recorded in Atlanta during album sessions with the Grammy-winning producer Ben H. Allen (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley) on zoetrope picture disc.

The three additional songs – ‘Go Moving’, ‘Make Time For Change’ and ‘Out Of Mind’ – will only be pressed on vinyl as part of this release, making it an essential purchase for collectors.

The ‘Bonus Edition’ features psychedelic zoetrope artwork by Drew Tetz from video animations by  Laura Jayne Hodkin.

The Magic Gang approached the making of ‘Death Of A Party’ with two objectives in mind. They aimed to broaden the scope of their harmony-rich, melodically focused pop. And inspired by Lou Reed, Alex Turner and especially Jonathan Richman they wanted to take a more observational lyrical approach.

The stories they tell reflect the experiences of many of their early-twentysomething contemporaries. They explore anxieties about money, relationships and the future, but also the fun moments that they use to escape from such issues.

Two songs – Jack Kaye’s ‘Make A Sound’ and Kristia Smith’s title track – best encapsulate their flair for a narrative, with two radically different perspectives on a New Year’s Eve party. Meanwhile, the album closer ‘(The World) Outside My Door’ explores Jack’s guilt at writing music while the Extinction Rebellion protests were hitting the streets.

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1. Think
2. Make A Sound
3. Just A Minute
4. What Have You Got To Lose
5. Death Of The Party
6. Take Back The Track
7. I Am Sunshine
8. Gonna Bounce Back
9. Fail Better
10. (The World) Outside My Door
11. Make Time For Change
12. Go Moving
12. Out Of My Mind