King No One

The Dead Hotel
Release Date: February 16th 2023
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King No One's debut LP 'The Dead Hotel' comes exclusively pressed to purple & black marble EP, hand-numbered to order and limited to 500 copies.

The Dead Hotel is the first step for the brand new King No-One. The signature infectious alt-rock riffs and stadium-sized hooks are still present and correct, but this time everything is souped up. “We’re trying to create a little world with this EP, from the songs to the imagery to every idea that comes out - it’s all come from us,” singer Zach enthuses. “When you listen to that vinyl, you’re opening the door to The Dead Hotel and you can hear these concepts of nihilism and ego, death, and fragility. They’re the pillars of your typical societal human male all shattering because they’re a construct anyway.” 

From the euphoric synths of its title track, via the tongue-in-cheek probe into the fragile mental ecosystem of the performer on ‘I Am Jesus’, via the existential earworm of ‘Forever Young’, ‘The Dead Hotel’ EP is a place to spend the nights until the band’s long-awaited debut album arrives in due course: “a step,” says Zach, “towards the universe” that people can expect from that release.

Please note that Blood Records is a pre-ordering platform and this record is due for release on Feb 16th 2023. All images for illustrative purposes.

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