King Gizzard - Teenage Gizzard (Cornetto Bootleg Edition)
King Gizzard - Teenage Gizzard (Cornetto Bootleg Edition)

King Gizzard - Teenage Gizzard (Cornetto Bootleg Edition)

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- New rarities & early works material

- Limited to 500 copies

- All records hand-numbered

- Green & yellow Cornetto variant

- Automatic entry into prize draw to win one-off liquid-filled pressing


The first in a series of Blood Records ‘Bootlegger’ reissues of King Gizzard records set for release throughout 2021 comes Teenage Gizzard; a brand new rarities album that features early singles and material from their earlier EP’s. Since forming in 2010 in Melbourne, King Gizz have gained a global cult-like following reinventing the modern psych movement in a way that hasn’t been since the 60’s.

The level of experimentation in their music also filtered into their approach to releasing it. In 2017 they made the incredible step of opening up the masters of their album ‘Polygondwanaland’ so that anyone could release the album in any format for free. In December they gave the world a similar Christmas present encouraging independent labels to press numerous new and past works in a variety of formats. 

This Blood Records release comes on yellow and green cornetto-effect vinyl, limited to 500 copies and hand-numbered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please note that Blood Records is a pre-ordering platform and this record is due for release on May 14th 2021. All images for illustrative purposes

Campaign Update: Campaign complete and all records shipped. 



1. Hey There

2. Ants & Bats

3. Sleep

4. Summer!

5. Eddie Cousin

6. Fried

7. Good To Me

8. Tomb/Bleach

9. Trench Foot

10. Life Is Cool