Franz Ferdinand - Hits To The Head (Double B&W)

Franz Ferdinand - Hits To The Head (Double B&W)

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- Exclusive double 'corona-effect' black and white vinyl release

- Exclusive inverted sleeve colour variant

- Limited to 2,000 copies

- Hand-numbered to order

- Features two new tracks

Franz Ferdinand's 20-track greatest hits collection 'Hits To The Head' showcasing the world-conquering success of the band’s career to date comes exclusively pressed to double black and white 'corona-effect' vinyl with inverted sleeve colour via Blood Records. 

Armed with an astute sense of what constitutes the ‘classic pop song’ (famously proclaiming that they write music ‘to make girls dance to’) the music of Franz Ferdinand continues to resonate globally and over the course of nearly two decades they’ve become, commercially and critically, one of the biggest UK bands in the world, selling over 10 million albums, 1.2 billion streams to date, 14 platinum albums, winning Brit, Ivor Novello + Mercury Prize awards, Grammy nominations and selling 6 million tickets for their incendiary live show worldwide.

Hits To The Head, released via Domino, also features two brand-new tracks Billy Goodbye and Curious, produced by Alex Kapranos, Julian Corrie and Stuart Price (Dua Lipa, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys). Lead singer Alex Kapranos said:

"It's the same as writing a set-list for a festival: you want to play the songs you know people want to hear. The hits. Bring the hits to the head. The heart. The feet. That means obvious singles, but also songs you know have a special meaning for both band and audience like Outsiders. We also added two new songs, recorded last year: Billy Goodbye and Curious, both co-produced at the last stage with Stuart Price."

Please note that Blood Records is a pre-ordering platform and this record is due for release on March 11th 2022. All images for illustrative purposes.



01 Darts Of Pleasure                      

02 Take Me Out                               

03 The Dark Of The Matinée      

04 Michael                                         

05 This Fire                                        

06 Do You Want To                         

07 Walk Away                                  

08 The Fallen                                    

09 Outsiders                                     

10 Lucid Dreams                              

11 Ulysses                                          

12 No You Girls                                

13 Right Action                                

14 Evil Eye                                          

15 Love Illumination                       

16 Stand On The Horizon             

17 Always Ascending                     

18 Glimpse Of Love                        

19 Curious                                          

20 Billy Goodbye