Release Date: 12th December 2023
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Cryalot's debut EP, ‘Icarus’, comes exclusively pressed to ice blue transparent LP, limited to 250 copies and hand-numbered to order.

Cryalot is the brainchild of Sarah Bonito, Kero Kero Bonito's enigmatic frontwoman, and rising UK producer Jennifer Walton.

‘Icarus’ is an introduction to their dark creative world; drenched in experimental pop and noise metal, grounded in the Greek mythology of Icarus.

Playing with sonic extremes, the EP oscillates between the black metal inspired electronics of debut single ‘Hell Is Here’, the sheer pop intensity of ‘Hurt Me’, and the ethereally colourful ‘Touch The Sun’, crystallising the intense dichotomy that exists within the Cryalot universe.

Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop)'s Top 5 EPs of 2022

“Sarah Bonito takes the hyper-pop palette of her main band, wrings the sweetness out and sends it plummeting down into the fiery abyss.” – DIY

"As always, her sonic palette is impeccable, as each timbre sounds meticulously thought out. Icarus sparks excitement for where Bonito might take Cryalot next." - Consequence

"Perry transcends the project’s trendy exterior with the same legitimate vulnerability that’s made her a cult star in the first place" - Pitchfork

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