New Last Name
Release Date: 29th March 2024
Sold out
300 / 300 sales


Liverpool-based four piece; Courting return with their sophomore album, New Last Name pressed to colour-in-colour black and red LP, limited to 300 copies and hand-numbered.

The new album came together as a play, even though the band admits that New Last Name isn’t really a play... Whilst it IS tied together by a narrative thread – it’s actually a collection of their most contained pop songs, and strangest experiments sat side by side. 

New Last Name is unrestrained and chaotic, and at the same time more focused and detail-oriented than anything Courting have done before. It’s a study in contradictions, and it’s the best damn play south of the north pole. Brimming with nuance and pop culture references, the only constant is that the Liverpool gang maintains their irrepressible sense of abandon.  

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