Calva Louise

Release Date: October 15th 2021
Sold out


Manchester-based trio Calva Louise have announced their new album ‘EUPHORIC’ with a split colour LP exclusively pressed by Blood Records. Their eclectic sound is a molotov cocktail, encompassing ambitious songwriting and searing guitar hooks. Jess, Alizon and Ben crossed paths in London during 2016, forming the band and quickly supporting the likes of Highly Suspect, Albert Hammond Jr. and Razorlight on tour.

The new album is a celebration of the band’s multicultural identity and at the same time "it is the core of the multidisciplinary work with an underlying conceptual theme, which spans the whole album" explains songwriter, vocalist & guitarist Jess, who is strongly influenced by Latin Rock as well as British and American bands.

'EUPHORIC' tells a story about the duality of the human being and about the different perceptions of reality. The lyrics detail episodes of the dreamer’s experiences as an inner conversation with his other self, the counterpart of the human being, that seeks to experience freedom and have an encounter with the unknown. 

This exclusive edition of the album comes hand-numbered on a first-come-first-served basis and signed by the band. Please note that Blood Records is a pre-ordering platform and this record is due for release on Oct 15th 2021. All images for illustrative purposes, final product may differ.


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