Be No Rain: Strawberry Backstory

Be No Rain: Strawberry Backstory

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  • Worldwide exclusive vinyl release
  • Pressed to transparent blue vinyl
  • Comes signed by the artist
  • Hand-numbered on first-come-first serve basis

Be No Rain, the moniker of South London’s Sam Frankl is a project that was born out of a studio decked out with disco balls, fairy lights and fake ivy; a perfect aesthetic to the sound that followed.

“It felt like there needed to be a character that could be as flamboyant as I wanted to be and remove the constraints that being human leaves you with” Frankl explains “It was incredibly liberating”.

It’s about being trapped into that infinity loop of emotions, like a cartoon character wandering through a world he never quite understood”.

The debut album from Frankl comes on the back of a collaboration with Armin Van Buuren on single Hollow. All album’s come signed by Frankl and hand-numbered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Please note Blood Records is a pre-ordering platform and this record has an expected release date of 15/12/2020. All images for illustrative purposes, final product may differ.

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1. Deadweight

2. Know Better

3. Man To A Woman

4. Holding Hands In Plastic Gloves

5. Media Luna

6. I Will Call From Where I Land

7. Suck The Surface

8. All Night, Right?

9. Call Back

10. I Lose It Around You