Biffy Clyro: A Celebration Of Endings (Zoetrope Edition)

Biffy Clyro: A Celebration Of Endings (Zoetrope Edition)

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  • Worldwide exclusive zoetrope picture disc
  • Animated artwork by Drew Tetz, Owen Ritson, Ross Hogg, Oscar Sansom

Biffy Clyro boost the August 14th release of their upcoming album ‘A Celebration of Endings’ by announcing this special zoetrope vinyl picture disc format. The zoetrope disc was animated by Drew Tetz with animation from Owen Ritson and Ross Hogg. They used images originally captured by the band’s long-term visual collaborator Oscar Sansom.

‘A Celebration of Endings’ follows Biffy Clyro’s previous studio sets, ‘Ellipsis’ (2016) and ‘Opposites’ (2013), both of which went straight to #1 on the Official Albums Chart. Its first two singles have already made a big impact. ‘Instant History’ and 'Tiny Indoor Fireworks' were named as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World.

The band’s approach to ‘A Celebration of Endings’ was simple. Keep things fresh and maintain the wide-eyed wonder of what they do. Surprise themselves and each other. Push things to their furthest extremes. Their first building block in embracing the new was to turn to an old friend. In came Rich Costey, producer of ‘Ellipsis’.

That idea manifests itself in various ways. On a personal level that might be a relationship which has reached a point where it’s in both parties’ interest to separate. And on a wider scale, it’s about standing up for what you believe in.

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Side A

  1. ‘North Of No South’
  2. ‘The Champ’
  3. ‘Weird Leisure’
  4. ‘Tiny Indoor Fireworks’
  5. ‘Worst Type Of Best Possible’
  6. ‘Space’

Side B

  1. ‘End Of’
  2. ‘Instant History’
  3. ‘The Pink Limit’
  4. ‘Opaque’
  5. ‘Cop Syrup