Introducing: The Last Dinner Party

It’s been a minute since a band came out with three debut singles a strong as The Last Dinner Party. Nothing Matters, Sinner and My Lady Mercy have set the five-piece on a trajectory of ‘the ones to watch’, just confirmed by winning the Rising Star Award at the UK Rolling Stone Awards.

Not without the usual cynicism that comes with being a hyped band (As a side note, people dubbing artists ‘industry plants’ are around as clued in these things as flat-Earthers) the project is seeped in regal tones and sounds like a modern take on Kate Bush through a cottage-core filter: Big solo’s, ludicrously good song-writing for such a new outfit and sublime vocals from front-woman Abigail Morris.

Their debut album Prelude To Ecstasy drops on February 2nd next year and will undoubtedly be one of the big breakthrough records of 2024 and are not to missed on their upcoming UK tour in February.