Orlando Weeks

Release Date: 13th January 2023
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Orlando Weeks’ (The Maccabees) heartbreakingly poetic 2017 original score for his book ‘The Gritterman’ becomes our first ever Christmas drop; exclusively pressed to vinyl for the first time and limited to 1,000 copies.

The story of The Gritterman centres around the overlooked ‘seasonal hero’ working in a dying profession. “A lot of people’s work goes unrecognised and this is one of those jobs where that’s the case,” Orlando explains, “To just go about your business and not need thanks is a very attractive quality, and he finds comfort in that sense of purpose.”

The poetic piece is narrated by actor and comedian Paul Whitehouse and produced by Markus Dravs (Björk, Arcade Fire). “The Gritterman is kindly and light-hearted but stoic at the same time and Paul was able to strike that balance perfectly. Funny but thoughtful. He’s been a joy to work with,” Orlando says. The gatefold artwork features Orlando’s illustrations and comes hand-numbered to order.

Please note that Blood Records is a pre-ordering platform and this record is due for release on 13th Jan 2023. All images for illustrative purposes.

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