The Cribs: Night Network (TV Test Card Edition)
The Cribs: Night Network (TV Test Card Edition)

The Cribs: Night Network (TV Test Card Edition)

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Wakefield indie legends The Cribs return with this exclusive ‘TV Test Card’ tri-colour edition of their upcoming album ‘Night Network’, hand-numbered on a first-come-first-served basis.

This follows their Steve Albini-engineered album '24-7 Rock Star Shit' hit the shelves in August 2017. That record, the band’s harshest and most abrasive to date, was a ‘surprise’ release that started out as a few tracks recorded at Albini’s Electrical Audio studio in Chicago and eventually grew to a full-length album.

It was a gear-change for the band, who decided to release it directly to the fans, with very little advance notice. “We chose that approach so that there would be no pressure on it, because we knew that it wasn't really a commercial record,” says Ryan.

Despite dropping without warning the album landed at Number One in the midweek charts, settling at Number Eight – their fourth consecutive UK Top Ten. The decidedly DIY smash-and-grab approach of the album’s launch had exacerbated frictions that ultimately proved irreconcilable and, smack in the middle of release week, the band parted ways with their longtime UK management, who had guided their career since the band’s earliest days. “It blindsided us, and it really took the wind out of our sails,” says Gary. “And now, looking back, that was the start of a whole load of shit.”

As a legal entanglement unfolded the band were unable to release new music and it felt as though this typically rock-n-roll cliche may lead to their demise. The turning point came at the 11th hour, in the late summer of 2018. The Cribs had been invited to support Foo Fighters at Manchester's Etihad Stadium, in what could very well have been the band's last hurrah.

“The Foos are such positive people, such a positive force in music, that talking to them had a big effect on us,” says Ryan. “Dave was just like, ‘Forget about all that business stuff, come out to LA and make a record at our studio’ – Dave made that offer to us.”

The resulting album, Night Network, was recorded at Studio 606 and whilst there the band realised that taking a DIY approach to their career was the best direction and is reflected in the work. This is the first album to be entirely self-produced by the band. Engineered by James Brown (Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys) and mixed by frequent Cribs collaborator John O'Mahony.

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  1. Goodbye
  2. Running Into You
  3. Screaming In Suburbia
  4. Never Thought I’d Feel Again
  5. Deep Infatuation
  6. I Don’t Know Who I Am
  7. She’s My Style
  8. Under The Bus Station Clock
  9. The Weather Speaks Your Name
  10. Siren Sing Along
  11. Earl and Duke
  12. In The Neon Night